UST Closure Oversight

Closing Underground Storage Tanks (UST) may seem like a simple process. Hire a neighborhood contractor, and expect him to complete the closure.  The most important part of UST removal activities is the selection of a qualified contractor. ENVOCARE recognizes that this is not a simple task. The following tips may help you in selecting a contractor:

  • Check contractor’s UST certification, ask other tank owners for their experiences
  • Look closely at the contractor qualifications and experience
  • Ask them to provide you with a sample report
  • Clarify the unit rates and subcontractor markup

By selecting ENVOCARE for the UST compliance and closure service, we make sure the contractor selected for the project is qualified, and has all required insurance by law.  ENVOCARE will assist with each phase of the work. The following UST Compliance and Closure services are provided by ENVOCARE:

  • Monthly compliance monitoring and documentation of the site conditions
  • Review of ongoing investigation performed by other responsible parties, provide comments, and communicate with other professionals
  • Contract management including the overseeing contractors work
  • Record keeping (including photo documentation)
  • Review of UST registration, closure approval, and delisting of tank
  • UST closure oversight; post excavation soil sampling
  • Contaminated soil and groundwater disposal coordination
  • Site Investigation and Reporting to the NJDEP
  • Complete Licensed Site Remediation Professional Retention and NJDEP compliance assistance
  • Administrative assistance at every phase of the remediation
  • Final reporting and issuance of RAO