LSRP Services

ENVOCARE‘s LSRP services maintain stakeholder relationships and deliver timely, quality, cost-effective long-term solutions; while protecting the environment and public health. ENVOCARE is not only serving the immediate project needs of our clients, but also committing to long-term relationships with clients to better understand their needs, and managing their future regulatory obligations.

ENVOCARE consistently adheres to the code of ethics for the environmental profession.

The Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) requires a Responsible Party or entity responsible for a contaminated site to hire a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to conduct the remediation and obtain a final remedial action completion document commonly known as a Response Action Outcome (RAO).  Except for unregulated heating oil tank (UHOT), CERCLA sites where EPA is the lead agency and at Federal Facilities under Federal agreements a LSRP is not required to be hired. At EPA’s RCRA, GPRA 2020 universe list where NJDEP is the lead agency, the person conducting the remediation is required to hire a LSRP.

Licensed Site Remediation Professional’s Roles and Responsibilities under the LSRP Program

The NJDEP role in the LSRP program is to regulate responsible parties through its remediation regulations. This includes inspecting and reviewing LSRP submittals to ensure that remediation work is completed in accordance with the NJDEP’s applicable standards and regulations, and monitoring remediation timeframes to ensure that responsible parties remediate sites and property in a timely manner.

The Responsible Party’s role in the LSRP program is to remediate contaminated sites in accordance with the NJDEP’s applicable standards and regulations. Responsible parties are required to hire LSRPs that will oversee remediation and issue RAO when remediation is complete. RAOs are fully equivalent to the No Further Action (NFA) letters formerly issued by the NJDEP.

The Licensed Site Remediation Professional’s role in the LSRP program is to oversee the remediation of contaminated sites in accordance with the NJDEP’s applicable standards and regulations for responsible parties. They are subject to a strict code of conduct established by statute and regulation and must ensure that remediations are protective of public health, safety and the environment.

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Disclaimer: Content was obtained from the NJDEP SRP website.