Our Approach

Balancing the need for economic growth and protecting the environment for future generations, is not easy. ENVOCARE, promotes the use of sustainable solutions within your business practices. The key to gaining this balance is early planning. ENVOCARE will provide effective, cost-efficient solutions to advance our clients’ sustainability goals. We will introduce sustainability principles early in the process and maintain them throughout the project. Environmental stewardship brings social and economic benefits to your business as well as the community.



Green Remediation

As residents of the United States, we value natural, cultural, economic and climate resources. Using greener remediation strategies is often a smarter way to clean up contaminated land, water and air. Greener cleanup can be helpful in decreasing the use of fossil resources, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint generated during the cleanup process. Best Management Practice (BMP) is key to the green remediation.
In general, a green strategy started during the early stages of a project could provide socio-economic benefits. Greener cleanup processes do not mean leaving hazardous chemicals untreated. ENVOCARE encourages their subcontractors and employees to implement a “no-idling” policy, by selecting a groundwater treatment option that produces lesser carbon dioxide foot-print. When it is practical, bio-remediation is preferred method of remediation. Reducing energy used by implementation of a passive vent system. Minimization of transportation of contaminated soil also helps conserve natural resources.

Core elements of green remediation area:

ENVOCARE promotes their clients and employees to incorporate sustainable solutions to provide broad cost effective socioeconomic solutions. Early planning and environmental stewardship brings social and economic benefits through the community. Sustainability principles shall be considered early and throughout the project.

ENVOCARE staff helped municipal governance transforming contaminated Brownfield sites into soccer fields and various other types of redevelopment uses (housing, retail use, senior center etc.).

United Nation Sustaniblity Goals