ENVOCARE offers a broad range services: Environmental Consulting, Inspections Using Drones, Remediations, Indoor Air Assessments, Asset Inspections, 3D BIM Modeling, Roofing and Façade Inspections

Services Offering

Excavation and Waste Management

ENVOCARE offers a broad-spectrum of contaminated site cleanup services to its clients. ENVOCARE professionals.

Tank Management & Design Services

ENVOCARE professionals provides UST removal, design, project oversight and tank management services to its clients.

Sensitive Receptor Management

ENVOCARE professionals are skilled and provides sensitive receptors, restoration management services.

Air Monitoring Services

ENVOCARE professionals are certified to perform Lead and Asbestos Containing Material Assessments. ENVOCARE provides air monitoring services during pre-construction, during demolitions and following demolition.

3D Scanning and BIM Modeling

ENVOCARE staff uses a drone-mounted LiDAR and fixed scanner to create accurate BIM models.


ENVOCARE implements complex projects from concept to delivery and operation because of the good working relationships it has with its clients and its extensive knowledge

NAICS Codes:
541620 – Environmental Consulting and Site Remediation Consulting
562910 – Environmental Remediation
541330 – Engineering Services
541922 – Commercial Photography Services
541370 – Aerial Surveying (except Geophysical) Services
3D Scanning, Mapping, Assets Inspections, Thermal Scanning, Flood Area Mapping With Use of Drones and Fixed Scanners

  • Surface Water Sampling Using A Drone

    Safely collects surface water samples

  • Thermal Inspection
    Services TEST

    Thermal inspection of roof using a drone

  • In-Situ Groundwater

    ENVOCARE has successfully completed hydrogen peroxide, sodium permanganate and other proprietary chemicals.

  • Soil Excavation
    Remediation Services

    ENVOCARE has completed large soil excavation and disposal of contaminated soil

  • AST Design and Installation Services

    Public Works Design and Construction Management

  • AST Inspections

    Aerial Inspections Using A Drone


  • We pledge our attention to our client’s needs and their priorities.
  • With our client-focused approach and in-depth knowledge of regulations and technologies, we will help our clients save on costs and meet deadlines.
  • Our experienced team of professionals offer consistent quality and accurate data interpretation thorough our various deliverables and aerial services.
  • We use a flat structure and employees are cross trained in up-to-date certifications such as lead/asbestos inspection and sampling, drone operations, and modeling.
  • We can help minimize overall project cost by consolidating activities and mobilizations.
  • We use sustainable principles to reduce overall carbon footprint.
  • We can help our clients meet their goals – including MBE, SBE, and DBE goals.
  • Geospecial Mapping

    Geospatial Mapping Advantages

    Geospatial technologies allow tracking of project progress. Easy access to photographs collected using drones, allows side-by-side comparisons. Accurate data interpretations. Post and pre-construction comparisons, insurance claim assessments, deforestation mapping, damage assessment, and many more uses.

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  • Drone Mounted LiDAR Scanning

    Use of LiDAR Scanner

    ENVOCARE and UAVI Inspections offer drone-mounted LiDAR and fixed laser (BLK360) scanning services. The LiDAR scanner used with the RTK station provides impressive data collection with high accuracy. Envocare can achieve 0.5 cm accuracy or 5 mm. The accuracy is certified using various software. It produces a high-resolution point cloud for 3D mapping (BIM Modeling), topographic survey, real estate planning, cut-fill calculations, as-built verification, stormwater management, and penetrating dense vegetation.

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  • Asset Inspections Using Drones

    Bridges, Tunnel, ASTs, Building, Turbine Blades, Utilities, Excavations, Stockpiles, Roof, Road, and More

    ENVOCARE and UAV Inspections

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  • Surface Water Sampling Using Drone

    Using a UAV for Surface Sampling

    Surface water samples are typically collected either from a near stream or from a lake directly filling the container.  Typically, it requires either boat or entering into a surface water body. The use of a Drone for surface water sampling eliminates the health and safety risk. Also, it reduces the sediment intake in surface water samples, increases sampling efficiencies, reduces cost, and samples are collected at desired locations. 

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  • Construction Progress Monitoring

    3D Model of Construction Area

    Underground Assets Mapping

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  • Remediations

    Groundwater Remediation

    In-situ remediation used to cleanup chlorinated volatile organics and petroleum hydrocarbons

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  • Brownfields Site

    Conversion of Abandoned Sites

    Investigation, Remediation and Restoration of Old Industrial Site

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