UST Management

Most insurance policies require that policy holder(s) provide them maintenance records, and are compliant with applicable laws when insurance claims are filed. The claim eligibility determination depends on many factors: keeping good documentation of underground storage tanks (UST) system, and regular inspections will help you when claims are made.

Most spills are preventable with little maintenance.

ENVOCARE offers UST Management Services to businesses and gas station owners/operators. The services consisting of:

  • Visual inspection of the tank system and tank monitor
  • Photo documentation of spill containment
  • Reviewing of waste disposal documents
  • Updating of the underground storage tank registrations
  • Inspection of fuel delivery practices (special rate applied)
  • Review tank test results, and electronic record keeping
  • Coordinating removal of water content from UST’s
  • Review of ongoing investigation performed by other responsible party, and providing comments or communicating with other professionals
  • Administrative assistance
  • Maintaining site condition records for the NJDEP and local officials.


Publications Related To USTs:

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